Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brooklyn's 1st Birthday

For Brooklyn's birthday we decided to have a big family party at our house and watch her smash cake in her face.  Tons of my family came and we all had a great time!

 She has no idea what is about to happen.  
 Mmmmm.... spaghetti with meatballs.  Doesn't get much messier than that!
 Her cute cake
 Aunty Carolyn gets the award for bringing the BIGGEST present, we couldn't even see her behind that thing!
 Brooklyn loves the new book she got from her Great Nana
 So excited to have new toys!
 Her own personal cake!  This girl is in heaven, but was generous enough to open her mouth so we could share in the joy as well.
"Best day of my life!"
 "Ta-da" I made a huge mess!
 Had to get one of her in her birthday hat
 The end result, pre-bath
All cleaned up and ready to play with her new toys

All in all I think it was a success.  She slept well that night, and the next day she suffered from a major sugar coma and took a 6 hour nap.  We sure love this little girl. She brings so much happiness and joy into our lives. Happy birthday Brooklyn, our lives wouldn't be complete without you.