Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day at the Zoo!

This past weekend Tyler's friend Tom came down to visit. Tom and his wife Siri live up in Boulder, CO but Tyler knows Tom from Maine. It is crazy that they both ended up living in Colorado and so close to each other too! So, we took them to the Colorado Springs zoo. This zoo is pretty incredible. It is located on the mountain, so walking around is like hiking- lots and lots of steep hills. It is actually on the same mountain where NORAD is located. Also, they let you feed the giraffes! This is definately Tyler's favorite perk. We have been to many zoo's together but it still is one of my favorites (Of course I am a bit partial- it IS my home town). Anyway, we feel like it was very beneficial for Sawyer, he loved every sleeping moment of it! We figured we better start his love of animals at a young age! (Is 2 weeks old pushing it?)

Tyler made quick friends with the birds. Did I mention you can feed the birds too?! Tom and Siri found some feathered friends too!

Tom a little nervous, that giraffes tongue is slimy!

Tyler is in heaven!

Nothing like hanging out with giraffes while holding your son in a kangaroo pouch

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sawyer's first bath!

Sawyer had a big week! His umbilical cord fell off making it possible for his first bath. He did great actually! A lot of people told me babies always hate their first bath, but he did pretty well. He really enjoyed being snuggled up in the towel afterwards.
Sawyer prefers the one glove look
(I had to add this one in just because he is so darn cute. He has a half smile, I'm sure from gas, but nonetheless, he's a cutie!)

There is no such thing as modesty when you are two weeks old. Especially when it involves your first bath!

I think he was over due on his bath. His belly button looks like it could support a small sapling.

Sawyer is not impressed with my technique.

If you stuck him in the front basket of my bike he'd look like E.T.

Who can resist taking a video of the squirmy wet seal pup.

I am sure he will not appreciate these pictures being posted for everyone to see when he is 18 years old but new parents just can't resist!