Wednesday, January 26, 2011

18 Months!

Sawyer is now the big 1-8 (in months).  He is growing up SO fast!  He is now in nursery at church and seems to like it.  Who wouldn't? Playing with toys has got to be better than trying to sit still during our other meetings.  Here are his 18 month stats:

Weight: 26. 5 Lbs- 60th percentile
Height: 34 in.- 91st  percentile
Head circumference- 19 in- 64th percentile

So as you can see, he is still tall like always.  It is so fun to watch him learn and grow.  He learns new things everyday it seems.  He is using more and more of a vocabulary but still refuses to say "Mom" or "Dad". (I have heard him say them before, but he is a silly kid and won't ever say them when I ask him to).  That doesn't stop him from saying things like: please, more, doggie, bath, ball, book, shake, cheese, two, go, etc.  We feel so blessed to have him in our lives.  Look how cute he is in his suspenders and tie!

Happy 18 month birthday Sawyer!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A boy and his toys

We didn't think Sawyer would care much about toys this year.  We took him with us when we did a little shopping for Christmas and boy were we wrong!  He kept pointing to everything on the shelves and saying "pease" in his cute little voice. (That is by far his favorite word- he knows if he uses it I usually will give him what he wants).    

He love his new ball and throws it EVERYWHERE!

His other new favorite thing is his "Sleep sheep".  He is so cute and hugs it and gives it kisses all the time.

We sure love this kid!
Thanks to Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and anyone else who made his Christmas special. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A lil' comparison- or maybe a big one?

I am now 26 weeks pregnant!  Hard to believe. It has gone by so fast!  I've always heard that you get a lot bigger with your second pregnancy and that boys are carried lower than girls.  I thought I'd put those theories to the test and compare me at 26 weeks with Sawyer to me 26 weeks with this little girl.  

26 weeks with Sawyer

26 weeks now

I think I am a little bigger this time.  What do you think?