Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time

We hope all of our friends and family had a very Merry Christmas this year.  We spent this Christmas at home and while we really missed our "Maine" family, we enjoyed starting our own traditions.
About a week before Christmas our church had a Christmas party.  Of course Santa was there and Sawyer took a stab at sitting on the old man's lap.  He wasn't quite as happy to do so as last year, but as soon as Santa gave him a candy cane, he warmed up to him. (For about 5 seconds longer)
This winter has been pretty sparce for us here in Colorado Springs as far as snow goes.  The ski resorts have been hit hard, but here in town- nothing.  We got some freezing fog the other day, so I guess I felt I needed to take a picture so it felt like winter. 
Sawyer had a VERY exciting Christmas morning.  We figured he would only be into playing with wrapping paper, but he actually really loved getting his toys.  Maybe next year he will even anticipate it a little.  

After opening presents, we had a delicious french toast breakfast

 ate some cookies
 and spent the day relaxing
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Putting up the Christmas Tree


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Grandma again this year and even got to see a lot of my cousins that I haven't seen in years.  Of course, I forgot the camera, so I don't have any good pictures to show.  We had over 50 people again like last year.  I love having a big family!  I am so grateful this year for many things but most of all for my beautiful little family.  I am so lucky and blessed!

(If I'm able to find any pics that someone took that day- I'll post them later)
For now- here is something I am very grateful for:

And my wonderful husband.

Fox Run Park

Three meals and a wedding

 The end of October, Tyler's cousin Chris got married.  We were lucky enough to find a few good deals on tickets and make the trip out.  It was quick, but we were glad we went.  We left on a friday from Colorado Springs and went on to Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Princeton, and NYC all in one day!  What better way to document the places you have been then with food?

 Chicago Dog
 Philadelphia Cheesesteak
And of course, New York Pizza (that was the grossest pizza I have ever had!)

We decided to take a quick trip to the city because I had never been, and we had family around that was more than happy to give Tyler and I some one on one time without Sawyer.  We rode the train in from Princeton and stayed 'til 2 am.  We found out we aren't as young as we used to be (especially after traveling to 6 cities in one day), but had a great time!
One of my favorite things was seeing the statue of liberty. It was hard to get a good shot, but here it is.

The city was beautiful, and I know we will definitely have to go back and spend more time when we get the chance.  I'm glad I went even if it was just for a few hours.

The next day we went to the wedding.  It was beautiful and great to see family.  
Our cute little family all ready for the wedding
The wedding party

The happy couple with Nana

Tyler with his Nana

We danced (not sure if we ever have done this in public before)

Ate a DELICIOUS dinner

And when it was all over- they had to do their kissing cousins picture

We are so glad we got to go and see Tyler's family.  We don't see them often enough.  Congrats to Abby and Chris on their lives together!  Another girl from Colorado Springs added to the family.  She MUST be awesome!

Friday, December 3, 2010

We're having a baby...


We are very excited to be having a little girl!  I am trying to wrap my mind around it because I am so used to thinking "boy".  The baby is healthy and doing well.  Her measurements are right on to my original due date of April 15, 2011.  So I guess this makes me officially 21 weeks today.  Time to go shopping!  (and start thinking of girl names- any suggestions are welcome-we are stumped.)

We love her so much already!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I can't keep it in much longer.....

(My belly, that is)

Baby York #2 is on it's way!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year was by far a much better Halloween than last.  No one was sick, I didn't have to work, and Sawyer had a blast participating in the various Halloween festivities in our neighborhood.  (okay, mom and dad did too- but isn't that the fun of having kids?  We get to re-live it all right?)

Saturday we spent carving pumpkins (as seen in the last post) and then went to our local neighborhood's recreation center where they were having a Halloween event for the kids.  It was VERY crowded and they made you work for your candy.  As you can see, Sawyer was not quite up to the level of talent needed for the games, but he made up his own.

Tyler was feeling somewhat claustrophobic so we took Sawyer out to play on the playground instead.

 And, like always, our little skeleton tried to run.  Anytime he sees an opening, he goes for it!
(See all the cars parked along the street? That was overflow from the parking lot. I have never seen so many kids!)
After many other families and kids followed our lead, the playground got crowded so we decided to head over to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat.  For those of you not familiar with this tradition, the parents line their cars up at the church while the kids go from trunk to trunk getting candy.  Sawyer didn't really seem to know what was going on, but we had a great time.
Just getting started
Sawyer sitting on our trunk

We decided not to take Sawyer trick-or-treating on Sunday night for various reasons, but we were kept very busy handing out candy.  Sawyer tried to leave with everyone who came to the door so I guess next year we will for sure have to take him.  After going through all the candy Sawyer had gotten the night before, 11 bages of Halloween candy, and 1 box of fruit snacks, we were officially depleted and turned the lights off.  I had no idea we moved to a neighborhood with so many kids!  I could hardly sit down before the doorbell rang again.  Half the time their were lines of kids just waiting at the end of the driveway for the group before them to leave.  Through all this craziness, Tyler and I really had a lot of fun seeing all the kids costumes and excitement.  It reminded me of how Halloween used to be when I was little.  One little girl walked away and very thrilled said, "Daddy, I got 2 suckers!"  (2 whole suckers, can you believe it?) Aww... the little things in life.  Hope you all had a Happy Halloween as well!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

The 1st victim
Sawyer is ready!
The first stab
Sawyer was a big helper
Not too sure what he thought about the goop

 The finished product*
Awesome huh?*
 Tyler's even better jack-o-latern- done free handed
Happy Halloween

Note*- This was my first attempt at what is called a 3 color pumpkin.  I didn't have the proper tools but I think it turned out pretty well anyway.  The lady I got the pattern from has an AMAZING website where she does all sorts of cool designs. (The one I did is maybe the easiest one she has.)  Check out her website here to see all her cool pumpkins! Maybe next year I will try an even harder one!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wishing Star Farm: Pumpkin Patch

Fall has definately been in the air and I was dying to get out and pick some pumpkins.  We invited my brother and his two boys to come along and we all had a wonderful time!  Definately something to make a tradition in the York house.

 We fed the animals

Rode the "hay slide" (100 ft gorge slide)

Played in the corn

Climbed the big haystack
 Marched with a cornstalk
 Fell down while marching with the cornstalk

Posed for a family photo (Tyler's eyes were kinda closed, but it's still cute)
Looked for pumpkins
Tyler got his perfect pumpkin!

And Sawyer wanted to drive the tractor home