Monday, June 22, 2009

The best day ever....

This past Saturday was the best day ever! Tyler and I are now officially sealed together for time and all eternity! I feel like I'm on cloud nine just beaming as I walk around and feel the blessings of the Lord pour over me. We are so happy, especially to have our little one be born in the covenant. We will be together FOREVER, and nothing could be better than that.

We were very grateful for all of those who were able to come to our sealing and share that special time with us. Above is a picture of my sister Lori and her husband Kevin who were able to be there for the whole day with us. After the sealing we went to The Cheescake Factory and had dinner as a big family.

This is just the start of many more wonderful things coming up in our life right now. We are so grateful for our wonderful families and for all their support. We feel very blessed!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

30 Weeks!

Okay, so once again I am a little slow at posting, but this blog thing is new to me, so be patient. :) I am now actually 31 and 1/2 weeks, but this picture was taken at 3o weeks. I definately can tell more of a difference and feel as though my belly decided to just pop all the sudden.

I am still feeling well though and don't have any complaints. However, the excitement has only gotten worse at the realization of having single digit weeks 'til he arrives! I thought having only 9 weeks left would make it feel like there wasn't much time left. It definately makes it feel that way, but now I want it to go by even faster!