Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brooklyn's 2 month stats

It's hard for me to believe Brooklyn is already 2 months old!  Time has gone by so fast!  She is such a pleasant baby and always smiling.  It is kinda sad for me that she isn't so little anymore but since she has already slept a few 12 hour stretches through the night, at least I can enjoy that part of it.  Here are her current stats...

Height: 22.8 in- 91st percentile
Weight: 10.7 lbs- 80th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.2 in- 79th percentile

So... she's a growing girl!  No surprise at all that she's tall.  And while she has grown a lot it is crazy to think some babies are born as big as she is.  Those poor women!  Sawyer was 3 lbs heavier than she is at 2 months old so she's definitely still little.  Here is a picture of her at two months...
 Compared to her as a newborn
She is our little angel and we all love her so much!  Happy 2 months old Brooklyn!