Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Since Tyler and I both are in school this year, we had Spring Break at the same time. I was eager to get out of town and forget about my schooling for a little while. Tyler on the other hand, was fine with staying home and relaxing. He did just go on vacation to Maine, so his adventurous spirit was not begging him to leave like mine was. We went back and forth about whether we'd go anywhere or not for quite some time. Evenutally he told me to just decide. I went and took a shower (where I do my greatest thinking) and came to the conclusion that we should go. We both had a bad feeling about going seeing as our truck doesn't climb hills too well. The two major passes through the Rockies lie at 10,662 and 11,990 feet. I ignored the feeling though and told Tyler we should just go. So, that we did. As we were driving along, we had gotten past the higher of the two passes when Tyler and I started planning a great way to suprise my sister and brother-in-law who were already at our destination but didn't know we were coming. We came down around a hill when all the sudden the power to the truck completely died. We pulled over to the side of the road, and called for roadside assistance. I was happy that we were only a mile away from vail so the tow was covered by our insurance. The bad thing was... we were in Vail, during spring break. Now, for those of you not from Colorado, or unfamiliar with Vail, it is not cheap. People fly in from all around the world to ski there. We had our dogs with us also so we had to find a hotel that would take us and our dogs. The holiday inn was glad to take our reservation for a great discount of $200 a night. We found out our alternator had gone out so we had to get that replace for $460. So far, our trip was costing us WAY more than we had expected. After realizing our mistake in avoiding the promptings, we decided to say a prayer and ask that the rest of our trip go smoothly and for us to be better at listening from then on. We drove on to Fruita and had a great time with my sister and her family.
Sawyer crawling around at our stranded hotel in Vail
First time swimming! (He preferred the hot tub, the pool was WAY too cold!)
Look at his bum! :)

Then we drove to Moab the next day and hiked to delicate arch. As you can see in the picture, this was NOT as easy hike. It was so fun for me to be out and enjoying nature. It reminded me how much I love the outdoors and got me excited for this summer. Hopefully I can get out more and enjoy it this summer. I think there is something about enjoying God's creations that fulfills a need we can't fulfill any other way. It reminds us of his power and his love. We had a great time and are happy to be back home safe and sound.

Daddy and Sawyer ready to start hiking

Off we go! (Notice the bottle in the back? We are always prepared!)

Walking with Kevin and Katie

Steep climb ahead!

Beautiful delicate arch
Uncle Tyler and the kids!

While we were away...

So, we have had some major computer problems in the York house over the past few weeks. Good news is, the computer is back up and running. Actually, we just ended up getting a new computer! Trying to get it up and running was not so easy, but we are happy with the end result!

Here is what happened while we were computer deprived:

  • Sawyer got his first two teeth. The first one came in on Valentines Day and the second about two weeks later.

    If you look closely, you can see his two teeth

  • Sawyer and Daddy took a trip alone without Mommy to go and see Nana in Maine for her 80th birthday. It was tough for Mommy to be without her little baby and husband, but they had a great time! Daddy realized how unhappy he would be as a single parent. (I have to admit that most Dad's wouldn't even think of taking their 7 month old on a trip across country alone. Tyler is pretty brave, and did a great job! He's a great dad.)

  • While Daddy and Sawyer were away, Cheryl had a girl's night with her sisters. We went shopping, got pedicures, and ate at Musashi's!

  • Sawyer has learned to crawl! He is getting better and better at it everyday and is getting into everything!

  • We got a new computer thanks to our generous tax return this year

  • And last but not least.... Cheryl hit the "100 days left" mark of school on St. Patrick's Day. She is ecstatic and cannot wait for it to be done and over with!
Hopefully the blog won't get too far behind again now that we are about to move. Wish us luck with finding a new home! We are excited!

Valentines Day

This year was officially the best Valentines Day of my whole life! No joke! In the past, I was right there with many others feeling like it never turned out to be much other than a disappointment. This year, that all changed. Tyler went above and beyond to make me feel special and loved, and I appreciate it SOOO much!

Everything started with a suprise bouquent of flowers that thursday while I was at school. I am the kind of girl who loves flowers, but loves them more when I don't get them often. It is more special that way. I was VERY suprised. When the flower delivery guy walked in the door, we were taking a test. I looked up, and straight back down thinking there was no way they were for me. When he called out my name, the thought crossed my mind "Who are THESE from?!" Boy was I beaming when I read the note he had attached to them. It made me SOOO happy. I even got a 100% on my test!

Saturday came along and I had to work in the morning. As soon as I got home he told me to go get ready. I followed his direction and we left shortly therafter. He drove towards the mountains and the whole time I really didn't know where we were going. Then he pulled into the valet parking at the Broadmoor. For anyone not familiar with this hotel, it is a 5 star hotel nestled right in the foothills of Pikes Peak. Last year they held the Senior Open at it's golf course. Anyway, while we waited in line, Tyler seemed to be getting nervous. He hesitantly said," I'm sorry, but you have to get out." I was like... um... okay? He then said, "Just go to the spa and tell them you have an appointment." The spa?! I was SOOO excited. You see, all week Tyler had made it known he had planned something for me. Little did he know that as I contemplated what he could have planned, I kept thinking to myself, "I could really use a massage with all the stress from school, work, etc. I've had lately." Big points for him!

After my luxurious stay at the spa (which not only included a 70 min hot stone massage but also full use of their sauna, steam room, aroma therapy room, and other relaxing amenities) I went out to find Tyler. He then drove me to a different hotel in town where we had a delicious dinner and watched a compilation of songs from Broadway musicals about falling in love. One major note here! This dinner and show had daycare provided. You have to understand that Tyler and I have not been out alone since Sawyer was born. We go out quite often to dinner and what not, but Sawyer comes right along with us. I had always been nervous for this moment. I get this guilty feeling about making someone else watch Sawyer when I could be. Of course, Tyler worked this out perfectly as well. The daycare provided was just down the hall which made it much easier. I knew if I needed to, I could go check on him whenever I wanted to. I never did, but it made our first date without him much less worrisome.

Needless to say, Tyler did a great job with Valentines Day. Being the poor students we are this was quite the splurge for us, but I justified it by the fact we haven't bought each other anything for the past Christmas, anniversary, or birthdays. I don't by any means expect it to always be this great, but it is definately one I will always remember. I love my husand, not just because of the nice things he did for me, but for who he is and for ALL he does for me. I'm one lucky girl!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!"

I used to think I could only fall for the tall, dark, and handsome type.....

Who knew the newest love of my life would be short, bald, and chubby?

And boy am I lucky to have both!

I sure love these boys!

Superbowl 2010

Tyler and I decided to have a superbowl party this year. We only had a few friends and family members over, but we had some GREAT food and a GREAT time! I made a spinach and artichoke dip for the first time ever and it tasted delicious! Before the game began I took this cute video of Sawyer. Looks like Daddy will have a buddy to watch the games with.