Friday, May 20, 2011

The two cutest kids ever!

We sure love them!

Why I LOVE having a girl!

 (My friend Jessie sent me this cute little skirt.  The tights have the little shoes imprinted on them and are attached to the skirt in one piece.  So cute!)
Alright, so dressing up a little girl is SOOOO fun but the real reason I love her is because she is the cutest and sweetest thing ever!  She is always smiling (see next post) and is such a content baby. She hardly fusses at all.  She is just so fun to have around and yes, I like to dress her up too! :)
(Is it possible to become more baby hungry AFTER having a baby?)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our little supermodel

I really wanted to get professional pictures done of Brooklyn but couldn't find anyone until last minute.  My good friend Amber recommended me to a friend of hers.  (Amber's little girl Kirra was born only 3 days after Brooklyn- we were pregnant buddies). I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure how well she would sleep for the pictures, but she did awesome!  Take a look....

So we are having a heck of a time trying to pick our favorites.  Any input is welcome!  And if you are interested in the photographer, you can click here to visit her Facebook page.  

Brooklyn's Baby Blessing

Brooklyn was blessed on May 1, 2011 by her father.  We had many friends and family there to support us and it was a beautiful blessing. We are so grateful to be members of the church and to raise our Heavenly Father's children here on earth.  Here is our beautiful little angel on her special day. 
Grandma Bugg purchased this beautiful blessing dress for Brooklyn- she really looked like a little angel 

And here is our happy family.  We are so happy to be together!

Easter 2011

The Easter bunny came for Sawyer

He loved his new truck!

And Daddy had a pretty little girl in a pretty little Easter dress :)
After church we went to Grandma Bugg's house.  Dinner was fabulous and it was actually kind of nice to have less family there.  We enjoyed some good food with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tom who were in town.  Then we all relaxed, watched some TV and played games.  Another successful holiday!

Brooklyn's first bath