Monday, July 30, 2012

Sawyer turns 3!

I can't believe Sawyer is already three!  Where has all the time gone?  He really enjoyed his presents this year.  It was funny to watch him open them.  He would get excited about the present he opened, then ask me to take the plastic packaging off, and I'd tell him he had to wait and needed to open another one.  He seemed confused.  Wondering why he got to open a present just to look at it, only to have to put it to the side and do it all over again.  However, when he was all done, he really enjoyed playing with ALL his toys at once.  What a special little boy we have been blessed to have in our lives.  Sawyer, we love you so much and our lives would never be the same without you!  Happy birthday buddy!

Sawyer and Brooklyn enjoying licking the bowl
My first attempt at making a cake at home

Mmmm.... Tasty!

Present time!

Cutest kids ever!

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