Saturday, May 16, 2009

Growing, growing, gone...

My belly is really starting to grow! It is really a neat experience to be pregnant. Although I don't love the fact that I am gaining weight, it is amazing to feel the little guy move. He has been moving a lot lately and I can even see it from the outside! I have all sorts of people wanting to touch my belly now. This is a little weird, but doesn't bother me. I mean, it really is the only time that it is okay and exciting to get fat. Can you imagine anyone wanting to touch someones belly who just gained 15 pounds after eating too much Thanksgiving dinner? It is actually fun to have other people excited like I am. My feet have started swelling and I've had a lot of low back pain but I guess I have to have some of the bad symptoms of pregnancy, right? Overall it has been a really good pregnancy and I have been able to enjoy almost every minute of it.

18 weeks

22 weeks

26 weeks

Pull out the red and blue glasses...

(So this post took forever for me to finish, because I'm now 30 weeks pregnant, but better late than never right?)

This past week I reached my 27th week of pregnancy! It is amazing how fast it seems to be going. I am feeling well and Tyler and I are getting more and more excited for the little one to arrive. Lucky for us, my doctor did a free 3-D ultrasound at my check-up. He was still a little shy, but eventually we were able to get him to give us a peek at his face. As you can see, he is a handsome little boy! The umbilical cord was in front of his face so sometimes you will see that the tech was focusing in and out.