Friday, March 23, 2012

Brooklyn turns 9 months

Ok, so like always, I am WAY behind on the whole blogging thing.  Brooklyn is actually going to be one NEXT WEEK! Time goes by way too fast!  Anyway, since she will be one, I figured I better get her 9 month stats on here now so there is at least something to compare them to in a week when she turns one.  

Her nine month check up went really well.  Her doctor was out of the office so she saw the PA instead.  The PA LOVED her and was laughing at her the whole time.  Brooklyn may just be the most flexible baby I have ever seen.  I often have people say to me, "Look! your baby is sitting in the splits position!" And I always respond, "That is the ONLY way she sits."  She is funny because whenever we pick her up and try to put her down to try and get her to stand on her feet, both legs go straight out to the side in the splits position.  The PA kept trying to get her to stand, and every time, she just kept doing air splits. The PA was laughing at her so hard, it was really funny.  Then she gave Sawyer a flavored tongue depressor to keep him occupied, and went to give Brooklyn one as well, but Brooklyn just leaned forward, sitting in the splits position, with her mouth wide open waiting for the PA to just put it in her mouth instead of just grabbing it with her hand.  Once again the PA laughed and laughed.  I think she is just lazy.  She thinks, "I'm cute, I don't need to stand up or work for anything, someone will get it for me."  Anyway, she was always the same with crawling.  I'd put something in front of her, and she'd just get mad and want it but never try to move her body towards it.  About 2 weeks after she turned 9 months, she finally started crawling.  Her is a video that doesn't show much, but it was the only one I have of her first few crawling attempts.  Enjoy!

And here are her stats from her 9 month check up:

Height: 27 inches-40th percentile
Weight: 16 lbs- 11th percentile
Head Circumference: 17.5 inches- 70th percentile

So she is still quite small.  16 lbs seems so little to me for a nine month old, but I am sure Sawyer was a much bigger baby.  She has always been in clothes an age level lower than where she's at.  I think Sawyer was always at least one ahead of his age.  She is our little peanut though and we all love her SO much!  She is still a very happy and loving baby- let's hope she always stays that way.  Stay tuned for more updates here soon on her 1st birthday!

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