Saturday, February 11, 2012

California Trip: Part 2

After leaving Southern California, we traveled up the coast a little to visit my 92 year old grandmother.  She lives in beautiful Grover Beach, CA.  This beach allows you to drive onto it and camp or have bonfires or whatever.  In fact, when we left the beach that night, I got our car stuck in the sand.  It was hard to see because it was getting dark, and I am obviously inexperienced driving on sand, and sure enough I got us so stuck someone had to come rescue us.  Oh well, lesson learned!

 The kids and I on Grover Beach

 Daddy and Sawyer playing in the water during sunset.

While we were visiting my Grandmother we went about an hour north of her house to see Hearst castle. On our drive up, we stopped in Cambria for lunch.  It has a beautiful park right on the beach that we ate at. 

Then we went and saw the elephant seals.  It is impossible to describe how this looked, but there were hundreds of them spread out all over the beach.  It was really cool to see. 

 We then went to Hearst castle.  What a beautiful place!  I wouldn't mind living there!

 Major selling point- the enormous pool!

 Oh, and an indoor pool also

That night we went to dinner with my Grandmother.  At the restaurant they have servers stand on chairs with blindfolds on and poor water into a glass on someones head.  It was funny to watch!

Here is my beautiful grandmother
 Can you believe she is 92?  I have great longevity in my family!

It was so great to see her.  I wish we could have stayed longer!

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