Sunday, November 29, 2009

4 months!

Sawyer is 4 months old now!  Time really is flying by.  It is so fun to watch him do new things and learn more and more every day.  He is sleeping through the night now, 10-12 hours each night.  We feel lucky to have such a good sleeper.  He also LOVES to play with his hands and has started playing with his feet.  Sucking his thumb and chewing his fingers are his favorite things to do lately.  He is giggling a lot and has the cutest little laugh.  He is gaining more and more personality all the time.  He even puckers out his bottom lip when he gets scared, and then lets out a loud cry.  It is sad, but so funny all at the same time.  He likes to play with his toys now, but still drops them quite often.  It is so fun to learn more about him everyday.  Just tonight I learned that bouncing him up and down when he is really tired seems to calm him down and help him sleep.  He has always fought sleep, but I seem to be learning his needs more and more each day.  We love him so much and are so lucky to have him in our lives.  He went in for his four month check-up and got more shots-  Pretty much the same story as last time.  He even fell asleep right before just like last time too!  Another new thing he has been doing is pulling his legs up and rolling somewhat to the side.  He was doing it a lot at the doctors.  I was so worried he was going to roll right off the table! Rolling like this has been very encouraging to Tyler and I because he HATES tummy time and we are always wondering how he will learn to roll over without it.  (We still make him do it, we just try not to torture him too much!)  Along with all these developments, he is growing bigger and bigger each day.  We definately have a big boy on our hands.  Here are his latest stats:

Length: 25.5 inches- 72nd percentile
Weight: 15 lbs 7 oz- 63rd percentile

Tasty hands!

You can't tell but he likes to clinch his fists and put his arms straight out- I think he is showing me how big his muscles are!

Our little thumb sucker

 Watching daddy intently while he was talking to his Nana


We had Thanksgiving at my Grandmothers house again this year.  Like always there were some 30-40 people there and a LOT of good food.  My Grandma has been taking care of my uncle lately so we did our best to try to take some of the load off by helping her out as much as possible. (She is so used to doing EVERYTHING that we could hardly get her to sit down.) We all had fun making pies ahead of time, and for many of us, cooking things we had never cooked before. Tyler even carved the turkey!

What a sexy apron! :)

I am thankful for many things this year including a wonderful, helpful husband who supports me in the things I do.  I never would make it through my schooling without his help.  He is my best friend and I am so lucky to have him. I am also grateful to have Sawyer in our lives and for the wonderful baby he is.  He has been sleeping 10-12 hours a night lately and that is definately something to be grateful for! We love him so much. 

His cute Thanksgiving sweater

What a handsome boy!

I am also thankful to live in this free country and for the men and women who fight hard every day to defend that freedom.  Most of all I am thankful for my faith and for the Savior.  Without Him I would have nothing.  I am truly blessed.

The big boy bathtub!

Until recently, Tyler and I have always given Sawyer baths in the kitchen sink on his infant bath sling. Sawyer has been growing leaps and bounds and so I figured it was time to try out the real tub. Sawyer was definately a little un-easy about the feel of the whole thing. When I first tried to put him in, he looked at me with fear and then screamed! I quickley pulled him up, gave him a hug, and told him it was okay. Then I slowly lowered him down into the water again. He was so cute because he would start to move, feel the water come up around him, and suddenly freeze! I got a video of the whole thing...

And here is the happy guy after his bath

All clean!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A baby's best friend

It's about time! Just like this blog, our dogs have taken a back seat to the baby. If you haven't noticed, our title says "family blog of yorks AND DOGS". Poor Jagger and Bailey haven't had any attention at all on here yet. But looks like things are beginning to change! Bailey and Sawyer have definately been hitting it off lately. Look at these two...

Bailey still wants ALL the attention

Best friends


I think they are becoming fast friends.  Now we just have to warm Jagger up to him a little more.

The eagle has landed!

I just have to say... my little brother is a stud!  A few weeks ago we did his eagle project and it turned out great!  We painted the four squares and a map of the United States on the blacktop at our elementry school.  It turned out really cool!  All seven of us kids went to this elementry school so I thought it was neat that he was able to do his project there.  My dad was sick and my mom had worked the night before so Scott did a LOT on his own.  (I guess that is the point of an eagle project.) My parents were both here and there to help, but I was very impressed with Scott and the way he handled all the problems that came up. I have to admit that I didn't know if he would get it done in time, but he made it. Here are the end results...

We might all have back problems now :)

Working hard

Painting away...

A bit of a closer look

The finished project

How fun!

The kids discovering their suprise

 I am so proud of my lil' brother. Him and I have been best buds since he was a little baby and it is so fun to watch him grow up.  I can't believe he just turned 18! Great job on your project Scott!  Your big sister loves you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Trick or Treat" was "Sick or Stink"

Halloween at the York house this year was not all fun and games.  I was scheduled to work that night which meant no fun for me.  Being at an Urgent Care on Halloween = no fun at all.  On top of that,  Tyler came down with the flu and was running a fever of 102-103 all weekend!  And to make matters just a little worse, Sawyer was having a TERRIBLE weekend and had really bad gas.  So, to keep Sawyer from getting sick, Tyler didn't touch him or go near him at all.  Sawyer was totally uncomfortable and really fussy so it was probably the worst time to not have any help from Tyler.  I guess the best part of all of this is I realized how lucky I am to have such a helpful husband.  He really does so much to help out with Sawyer and I came to appreciate him so much more when he couldn't help me at all.  Thankfully my parents were able to watch Sawyer on Halloween night while Tyler rested and I worked.  Although Halloween wasn't all that fun, I couldn't resist atleast dressing Sawyer up in his costume.  We didn't really have big plans to take him out or anything so it's not like we had to cancel anything, there was just WAY too much stress going on.  Let's hope next year is better!  I did make some pumpkin seeds though which were amazing!  Can't wait 'til next year even if it's just for the seeds!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We are Blessed!

On the 25th of October we were able to have Sawyer's baby blessing.  It was the most beautiful baby blessing I have ever heard!  I am biased of course... but I was not the only one to feel that way. :) We feel so blessed to be members of the church and to be able to raise our Heavenly Father's children.  The blessings of the gospel are tremendous and bring joy to our lives every day.  I am soooo grateful to have such a wonderful husband who holds the priesthood who can be my companion and an example to his little boy.  We were lucky to have family there to make the day extra special.  Tyler's mom even flew out from Maine!  Here are some pictures of our handsome little guy on his special day.

After church we all went to my Grandmother's house for dinner with the family.  My Grandmother is an amazing woman and has always been an example to me.  She just had her 80th birthday, so we had a belated celebration the night of Sawyer's blessing.

I love my family so much and am so grateful to be a member of the church! We have a very special little baby boy in our lives and couldn't be more excited to be his parents!